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The Wandering AI aka Lars Wohlnick is an award-winning designer, artist and creative based in Berlin and Lisbon. His curiosity for all things visual and a deep passion for art, photography and language have always fueled his creativity. The urge to translate ideas and concepts into images was finally satisfied with AI, where he found the tools to do so. For Lars, AI promptography is like a dream come true. His relentless desire to visualize has become his passion and inspires him to explore new forms of visual expression.
What is unique about Lars’ approach to generating AI images is his endeavor to create a highly believable artificial reality – viewers who check images two or three times are astonished by the fact that what they see is not real. His art also consists of working conceptually and serially.
AI-generated images are not photography, because photography captures real scenes and controls the composition, lighting and orientation of the subject during the shooting process. AI works completely differently as it is based on our ambiguous language. Its true meaning is revealed only through context and its interpretation. AI engines are like curious explorers, venturing into the depths of a prompt, uncovering even the most bizarre and unexpected renderings. The Wandering AI is the navigator of this creative journey, embracing the unpredictability and selecting the most captivating gems to shape his vision.