The dynamic duo of Nadine and Sven Schrader have collaborated on a delightful film project commissioned by Deutsche Bahn Cargo. This latest project is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone, thanks to its wonderful dry humor that emanates from the talented cast, most of whom are dedicated employees of Deutsche Bahn.


With a nod to German traditions, the film cleverly incorporates the nation’s beloved drink, beer, within its storyline. 
Initially, a humorous impression is created, suggesting that the employees harbor a comical fear of running out of beer within their workplace—an utterly absurd notion, of course. However, as the story unfolds, the true essence is revealed: the importance of DB-Cargo’s timely deliveries to ensure the joy and satisfaction of festival attendees.

Through a perfect blend of authenticity, humor, and a touch of absurdity, Nadine and Sven Schrader’s film effortlessly captures the essence of a workplace that not only values its employees’ well-being but also prioritizes bringing happiness to the countless festival-goers.

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