Silvio Knezevic’s photography series captures the essence of the Penny supermarket brand’s connection with regional producers in Germany. Titled “On Site with the Farmers,” the series showcases the authenticity of real people, the dedicated regional producers, who bring their products to the shelves.
The series consists of six image motifs, including two still photographs of the products and a video featuring each protagonist. To maintain a relaxed, open, and uncomplicated atmosphere on set, Silvio Knezevic prefers working with small teams rather than intimidating setups. This approach allows for adaptability to the location and weather conditions, as well as flexibility in capturing the spontaneous activities of the farmers.

The captivating images and videos from this series are intended for Penny’s launch campaign of their own brand, “Marktliebe Regional.” The campaign will be distributed across various channels, including out-of-home advertising, social media platforms, and point-of-sale displays. Each region in Germany will have its own protagonist, ensuring a localized and personalized approach to the campaign.


Silvio Knezevic’s photography series for Penny’s “On Site with the Farmers” captures the authentic stories and connections between the supermarket brand and its regional producers. Through these images, the campaign resonates with consumers and reinforces the significance of supporting local farmers and their products.

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