Richard Wadey had the privilege of spending a day with Steve Fletcher, a third-generation Clock Maker based in Witney. While Steve is widely recognized for his appearances on BBC’s TV show “The Repair Shop,” his true passion lies in his beautiful workshop, surrounded by hundreds, possibly thousands, of clocks. The rhythmic ticking of the clocks creates a hypnotic ambiance, only to be interrupted by their simultaneous chimes on the hour, a sound that Steve has become accustomed to.


What sets Steve apart is not just his craftsmanship in servicing clocks that his grandfather and father worked on, but also his amiable nature and willingness to share his knowledge. This unique blend of talent, heritage, and approachability made Steve an ideal subject for Richard’s photography project. Through Richard’s lens, he artfully captured Steve’s meticulous artistry, unwavering dedication, and the true essence of his craft.

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