Jonathan Knowles was commissioned by the advertising agency MullenLowe, London, to execute a stills and moving campaign showcasing the innovative features of the new Domestos Power Foam.
This product is designed to spray upside down, enabling users to effectively eliminate germs in hard-to-reach areas that conventional cleaning products often struggle to target.

For the main still execution, Jonathan creatively portrayed an upside-down toilet with the spray positioned in the correct orientation, effectively emphasizing the unique functionality of the product.

In addition to the stills, a digital poster execution was produced, featuring a rotating set. The sequence begins with the toilet upside down and gradually rotates until it is right side up.
Throughout the entire rotation, the spray is captured in action, depicted through high-speed footage filmed on the Phantom camera at 1000 frames per second. The shoot for this campaign took place over two days at Jonathan’s London Studio.

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