This year, the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands recently opened the world’s largest bicycle garage, a multi-level underground structure that accommodates 13,500 bicycles.  Architect Ector Hoogstad makes the daily commute an inspiring experience, using lots of daylight, wood, concrete, and glass along with wide and soft-curved bike lanes.
Christian Stoll captures the clean lines of the building along with cyclists’ enthusiasm and engagement with their new garage in both film and stills.  The still work carries Christian’s hallmarks – making a space, however attractive, even more,beautiful, graphic, and epic, while his video takes this and adds some humanity to the mix.  Combined, Christian’s work paints an exciting and energetic picture of the new building.
“We are striving to make Utrecht a cyclists’ paradise and there’s still much to be done,” Stientje van Veldhoven, the Netherlands’ state secretary for infrastructure, told The Guardian. 
“I’d like us to make better use of…this secret weapon against congestion, poor air quality in cities, and climate change, that is also good for your health and your wallet.”

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