BRANSCH On the fine line between art and commercial photography

BRANSCH is an international photo agency that represents the best visual artists around the globe. With individual and unique modes of artistic expression, there is a BRANSCH artist for every job, large or small, in every industry. In addition to high levels of artistry, each BRANSCH artist also possesses the utmost in technical skill. Clients can rest easy knowing that their shoot is in the hands of a seasoned, expressive artist who can collaborate with their ideas to bring dynamic, fantastic ideas to life, in any media desired.

Experience as creative suspense /
experience as professional routine

BRANSCH Artist Management

BRANSCH Artist Management offers full representation service for artists, including legal and marketing consulting and related activities, as well as production and contract services, estimates and invoices. Having many years? experience in artist management, we are well equipped to guide you in a career in the commercial photography world. These services, and more, are offered in return for a commission on artist fees for booked jobs.

BRANSCH Consulting

For non-BRANSCH artists who have questions about the industry or need assistance, we offer BRANSCH Consulting. This includes both management and production advice on matters such as website structure and image selection, agent recommendations, strategy and marketing, and aid regarding estimates, usage, vendors, and more. These services are offered on an hourly or day rate.

BRANSCH Production

For both BRANSCH artists and non-BRANSCH artists alike, BRANSCH Production is a full-service production company, able to take your job from estimate to shoot in a timely and cost-efficient manner anywhere around the globe. There is no need to worry about your shoot when booking with BRANSCH Production - locations, styling, casting, talent, and your client are all handled with the utmost care. Production services are offered from tabletop still-lifes to elaborate, epic scenarios, and everything in between.


o Für den Bereich Booking suchen wir einen Booker/Agent mit Erfahrung im Bereich Advertising (Art Buying, Beratung, Traffic), Produktion, Administration
Voraussetzung sind gute Englisch und Mac-Kenntnisse, Interesse fuer Fotografie/Film und Social Media, Sicherheit in kaufm?nnischen Abl?ufen, eine offenes freundliches Wesen und sehr gute Kommunikation Skills.

o Fuer den Bereich "Datenbank, Image-Archiv, technische und allgemeine Buero-Organisation" suchen wir einen neue(n) Mitarbeiter(in).
Sie oder er sollte vertraut sein mit alle wichtigen Programmen wie Photoshop, Keynote, Word, Excel, idealerweise auch Filemaker und Archivarbeit. Diese Position erfordert strukturiertes, konzentriertes und organisiertes Arbeiten.
Social Media darf kein Fremdwort sein und neben Deutsch und Englisch muss unser neuer Kollege oder unsere Kollegin ein offenes, freundliches Wesen haben, Technik und Menschen lieben.

o Ausserdem haben wir einen Praktikantenplatz/Intern frei

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